Tony and Sage Robbins

9 months agoMay 22, 2018
Sage's face looks so over plastic. What a shame she has done this to herself.
Sam Zunders
8 months agoJune 10, 2018
So glad to know that Tony and Sage ...who are such well-wishers ...are so happy about Dr Barry's bringing in such a great gift.
Thanks again
TJ Helin
8 months agoJune 13, 2018
Met with Dr Barry today and I absolutely loved his energy. After just a 20 minute conversation I was absolutely blown away. Look forward to working with Dr. B.
Leslie Davis
3 months agoNovember 21, 2018
How much did Tony and Sage get paid for this commercial? Maybe a percentage of those who sign up. I like what Barry had to say until I heard Tony and Sage. And the comment about her plastic features is telling.
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